PASS_Claims is the module that allows the end-to-end management of the entire life cycle of Motor claims, Damages insurance and Special classes.

  • PASS_Claims

    This ensures complete management of the insurance claim, from first notice of loss to settlement, with the possibility of monitoring the evolution of the claim. 
    The system allows for the detailed mapping of risks, with evidence of contractual limits and definition of the damage. In this way the cost of the claim can be correctly allocated with monitoring of liability, excesses and deductibles.

    PASS_Claims handles less complex claims (e.g. CARDs) automatically and supports users in the management of the more complex ones.


  • Complete management

    Non-Life claims handling from First Notice of Loss (FNOL) to settlement

  • BPM management

    Processes driven by Business Process Manager (BPM) and monitored through task list and activities scheduling

  • Partners Coordination

    Coordination of interactions among all involved actors along all claim life-cycle.

  • Rule Engine

    Author and built-in rules engine claims (automatic quoting, routing, questionnaires ..)

  • Native Integration

    Native integration with all PASS modules without any duplication of components.